Thursday, May 4, 2017

There are two Jena's puppies in the Netherlands, Nashka and Zalec. Luckily, there are also few other Karst Shepherds so they might breed ;)   Zalec (Onix) is sharing home with one of them, a 13-year old Car.

Monday, April 24, 2017

We had such an amazing time yesterday at 12th  Dog Show for Karst Shepherds in Maribor yesterday.
Jena was totally proud of he children - the nine month old Obelix who won Junion BOB, Odi - he won second place and Ori - he was not competing, but would get a straight A, explained the judge. 

let's not forget last year's show in Maribor. Jena's boys also took first and second place, Naka and Nort. Jena, you've got beautiful puppies!

Jena's daughter Lana and her grand daugther Ora were excited to meet. 

Jena's owners were amazed when they met Tango, Jena's grand child. No surprise he is already a beauty champion, he is a very beautiful dog!

Jena won an award - she and her children made a beautiful breeding group and the  prize was more than earned. Thank you, dear Jena, for all 21 puppies. You are our number one! 

And this is Ori, now called Jack. Scroll down to odler posts, you'll find him in the same pose, only smaller ;)

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Puppies left home with 5.5 kg, now they weight over 8! They are playful and naughty and like to bite.
Jena was sad for several days, she cried and tried to find them every night. She's back to normal now, she enjoyed visiting Bled yesterday and barking at swans was a great fun.

On the pictures below Odi meets horses and Ori (Jack) enjoys biting a girl with nice hair.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We have only two 'bears' left. Oda & Onix.

Ori got a new home and new name - Jack. He obviously likes blondes. Photo: selfie by Maja Rokavec.

And he won't be alone. He already made friends with collies. Good choice, two to heard, one to bark. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

On Saturday morning, just before Obelix left his pack, we took photos for information system DLVKOS. It was not an easy job, puppies were naughty and wet and dirty as they were playing on the grass, and they didn't like standing on the table at all. Of course, their place is under the table, isn't it? Obelix is already settled with his new family, with a 12-year old golden retriver called Girl. Odi is driving home just now. Oto is leaving on Wednesday, Onix on Thursday. Sweet Oda and furry Ori are still looking for new owners. There is quite some interest, but we are still the picky breeders. Our puppies are our children and we're very careful where they go. They should be treated as family members, that's for sure. We miss every one of them!

Meet Obelix, Oda, Odi, Onix, Ori & Oto.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday is a good day for a visit or two or more. We invited kindergarten to meet Slovenian breed, kids were happy to meet the little ones, but totally impressed by their mother. A friendly dog Hanu came to say Hi. Puppies threw her the 'bow-wow-wow' welcome party, two of them hid under the car at first.  Plus Mr. Peter, the owner of the strong father of our puppies, came by to meet them before they leave. The big guy, Obelix, who is 1 kg heavier than others, is leaving tomorrow.